Punk Rock HR Question #5: Exit Interviews – Do I Keep My Mouth Shut?


Dear Punk Rock HR Sistah,

I’m curious about “exit interviews.” Does it do any good to tell the truth if things were bad, or better simply to remain neutral? Would revealing the “bad info” come back to haunt me some day? (I’m speaking in terms of when you have an exit interview with the HR office — not with your immediate boss.)




Exit interviews are pointless with HR or with your boss. It doesn’t matter. Spend the time doing something productive before you leave like confessing your crush to the office boy who works in the cubicle down the hall.

You don’t believe me about the pointlessness of exit interviews?

  • If they really cared about your opinion, they would have asked sooner.
  • Resignations don’t force change.
  • Anything you say in the exit interview will be used against you in the court of public judgment.

My advice? Don’t say a word. Your exit interview is fodder for HR gossip. We talk about it freely. We mock your na

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