HR Social Media Policies & Philosophies


Lots of HR people are searching for employee and company policies related to social media websites — and they find my blog.

I wonder — what’s your personal policy on social media? Here’s mine.

  • I am chatty and I like to have conversations.
  • People can always talk to me about HR, staffing, cats, and bacon.
  • When it turns weird or burdensome, I am done.

I don’t have strict rules about what constitutes weird, but I know it when I see it. This doesn’t just apply to people, either. MySpace is both weird and burdensome, so I’m done. At some point,  I will probably feel the same way about Twitter and Facebook. I’m already feeling like LinkedIn is too burdensome with its groups and notifications, but I really like everyone I’ve meet from the company that owns LinkedIn — so I continue to use it.

So what are your personal rules about social media? Can you apply any of those to a company or employee policy on how and when to use social media tools?

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