HR & Swine Flu



  • How many of your HR departments are having discussions about domestic/US employees and managing their fears and anxieties about swine flu?
  • How many of you are actively working on communication documents around flu — in general — and symptoms?
  • Has someone on your HR team suggested an email about basic flu-related hygiene?

Oy. Stop it.

If there’s any real risk to your company — and that means an impact to earnings, a risk of impacting the company’s brand, or a concern about employee safety that could result in a public lawsuit — others are working on it. Your internal risk management team is monitoring the situation and working with your CFO, President, General Counsel, and your liability insurance carriers & reinsurance agencies to do a quick employee assessment based on geography, risk, and other meta-data. They may have already talked to the CDC, and any serious communication to employees will probably be written through the office of Communications — by consultants, most likely — and be reviewed by a bevy of lawyers and SVPs. The board will be briefed if there’s any real risk.

Is your HR team a part of this process?

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