#HRTech Vendors: InfluenceHR is Monday, October 28 in NYC


logo-nyAs some of you know, I am co-producing an event called InfluenceHR. Founded by George LaRocque, it is a marketing symposium focused on the human resources technology space.

(What does that mean? Well, the HR technology market is hot. That’s what Josh Bersin says. But no one benefits from another trade show. So InfluenceHR is an educational event to make marketing better.)

I am lucky to work on this project because I get to program a conference that is interesting, educational and fun.

  • Our keynote speaker in Mike Volpe, the CMO of Hubspot. (Marketing is making news, this week, with the acquisition of Compendium.)
  • Madeline Laurano is keynoting our midday session. She’s pulling back the curtain on today’s analyst community. (This session is long overdue.)
  • We have a human resources panel hosted by Josh Schwede. He will talk to HR leaders about successful vendor relationships and unsuccessful marketing campaigns. (I’m glad to see fellow HR colleagues in the room!)
  • My friend Don MacPherson is hosting a session called, “Marketing on a Bootstrap Budget.” Don has a real story to tell because Modern Survey is a thriving, profitable business. (I am excited that he is coming to NYC to share his company’s story — but I’m selfish and happy to see my friend, too.)

I don’t often talk about work . . . but programming InfluenceHR is hardly work.

And after the hullabaloo of HR Tech, which was pretty fun itself, it is nice to attend an event where leaders can deconstruct what’s going right with their marketing and messaging strategies. And George has created an interesting event where people can ask open, honest questions about how to do things better.

So I hope to see you in New York City on October 28th!

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