HR Technology Conference & Expo: Bill Kutik Made Me Do It


I am speaking at the HR Technology Conference & Expo because Bill Kutik is making me do it.

For those of you who don’t know Bill, he is considered the leading independent analyst of the HR technology marketplace with specialties in HCM, Recruiting, Talent Management and social networking. This is according to his official biography, which also lists him as a graduate of Harvard. La-dee-dah. He’s no Old Spice guy, though.

Apparently, HR Tech is an important show for the HR industry, which includes HR professionals who don’t know anything about technology but have influence, power, and budget. I think the keyword is budget, but that’s because I’m cynical.

Bill asked me to speak and I hesitated. What the heck do I know about technology? I’m just a chumpy HR chick with her SPHR. When I finally agreed to speak at the conference, I asked Bill how I could reach some of those HR professionals who are scared of technology and social media. He suggested that I teach a class called Twitterversity.

Yup, that’s right. I bet we win an award for that clever name.

I’m only doing it because I have fond memories of the 2009 HR Tech Conference. Those memories involve me, a dark bar in Chicago, and free drinks. You can’t beat that kind of fun.

So if you want to come and see me or some of the other awesome people at HR Tech, don’t pay full price. Click on this link and type in PunkRock10 as a discount code. I don’t make any money from the sale of your ticket — which just goes to show that HR still lacks strategic vision — but I hope to see you there.

PS — Buy me a drink in a dark bar and talk to me about Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and we’ll have a great time in 2010, too!

PS2 — Kutik just wrote, “Thanks, Laurie, you’re one tough gal. And that was one tough Striped Bass. But you failed to tell folks that the discount is $500 off our on-site rate of $1,695 or just $1,195. In short, big bucks. Was “Twitterversity” your idea or mine? I can’t remember, but you’re the one who will be teaching newbies how to do it in a hands-on training class. Does Twitter have the bandwidth?” What does this guy want from me? Bill, here is my vein. Take my blood. Go for it.

PS 3 — Seriously, folks, I love this guy and the conference is great.

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