HR Technology Conference: What's This All About?


I am attending the HR Technology Conference in Chicago, this week, because I enjoy thinking about technology and how it intersects the concept of work. Oh yeah, and

  • because I am lame.
  • because I am geeky.
  • because there is a ton of money in this industry and I fear it’s going to the wrong people and the wrong companies.

There are investors, pundits and vendors who make big money from selling ideas, software solutions, and technology platforms that are touted as the best way you can manage your workforce, create a better employee experience, and reduce labor costs.

If only they could write some code and monetize your soul, they would.

So I think this industry benefits from a cynical girl like me. I like money, hate the status quo, and I’ve worked in the real world as a recruiter, a Generalist, and a Human Resources leader. I don’t like shitty jobs, and I don’t like companies who use technology to cover up for the fact that they run soulless, stupid corporations.

Here’s my agenda: I plan on learning from the best, stalking the gurus, and getting close to the vendors and businesses who think they have the answers. When the conference is over, I will support those vendors and businesses who are doing cool things and making work better. The others? They can go fly a kite.

In the meantime, I hope to continue my mission to strengthen the HR/Social Media community. We get smarter and better by spending time together. If you’re attending HR Tech, make sure you get on the invite list for the parties. I’m modifying the events as they come onto my calendar so check back often!

See you in Chicago, suckers.

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