HR Technology Conference Wrap Up


Holy crap, guys. I am exhausted from a whirlwind trip to Chicago and the HR Technology Conference. Here’s one thing I learned about my experience at the conference: I don’t know my HRMS from my butt-hole.

So much is happening with technology and it’s very hard to deconstruct the slick interfaces and get down to brass tacks. Libby Sartain helped me to ask an important question: how does this technology respond to a changing employment landscape where employees are becoming consumers of work?

I’m not sure much of it does.


Highlights from other blogs.

I want to give special recognition to Rypple. It’s a fun and exciting piece of technology that helps employers have more realistic conversations and relationships with employees. Technology should enhance communication. Rypple accomplishes this. Check it out.


Here are Human Resources professionals & Recruiters who were in attendance that I hung out with…

…and if I missed you, don’t be shy. Please let me know in the comments.

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