HR, The Press, & The Economy: Fix It


There’s a brand new extension in jobless benefits, unemployment is at a record level, and the automakers are dealing with some serious issues — most of which are related to labor.

Where the hell are the HR pros?

SHRM is advertising on CNN like crazy, but I’m yet to hear from a Human Resources professional who has been quoted in a major newspaper or interviewed by a journalist on the pressing workforce challenges in our economy. I’ve heard from CEOs, CFOs, consultants, and business writers who chime in with their thoughts & opinions on the financial crisis. Those people are fine, but Human Resources sits at the intersection of labor and business needs. We should be out there with our opinions and advice.

Don’t wait for someone to give you an opinion, dudes. You know labor and workforce issues. You know your business. Get on the phone and call your local newspaper. Call your TV station. Offer to be a resource to reporters. Forget HARO and use the phone. Tell the local news outlet that you’re a Human Resources professional, you know the local industries, and you have a point of view about the economy, the impact on workers, and the economic bailout of the auto industry.

Be your own press agent, and in the end, be the voice of Human Resources.

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