HR Transitions [Updates]


By the time you read this, I’ll be well on my way to North Carolina.

I’m engaged in phase II of OPERATION CATNIP.

We moved Molly (aka my husband’s other wife) in Phase I; Lucy and Jake are the main benefactors of Phase II; and Scrubby and Emma are the third wave of this crazy operation.

My life is nothing but HR, cat carriers, and strong doses of Acepromazine — except for Lucy who is geriatric and will be getting the lowest dose possible so her heart doesn’t stop or anything.

Sheesh, I have no idea how real people with real jobs relocate across the country. They must have unemployed spouses. (Oh wait, I am the unemployed spouse!)


Speaking of transitions, Jenn Barnes/HR Wench landed a job with her former supervisor — an awesome woman whom Jenn loves. I realized, earlier today, that Jenn’s employment makes me the preeminent unemployed HR blogger on the scene.

Wow. I’m totes proud of my non-accomplishment.


I know Mz Barnes will be ready for a vacation after three weeks of grueling employment. We are scheduled to attend the The Talent Management Summit in Las Vegas at the end of October — and we will be blogging from the conference on behalf our social network, HRM Today.

The coordinator for The Talent Management Summit, Nisha, asked me to publish this offer to my readers:

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