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Man, I love the Gallup website.

It’s a fascinating destination on the internet. When I want to know what Americans think, I go there and learn all kinds of random stuff. Right now, Americans believe that the most pressing problem out there is the economy.

Wow. Hold the phones. The economy?

I like this next poll. What’s interesting to read is that 36% of Americans say that they follow politics closely and 42% follow it somewhat closely.

Hm. I kinda follow America’s Next Top Model closely. Whenever I pose for a picture, I always ask myself, “What am I doing with my neck?”


I really do hope Americans follow national politics closely (and I don’t just mean the way my Gramma follows national politics by listening to Rush Limbaugh) because important economic decisions are made by politicians — whether we like it or not.

Unfortunately, when I talk to my fellow HR peeps about politics, they generally fall into a coma. Eyes roll into the back of the head. They might make an effort on my behalf and pretend to talk about national politics much the same way I pretend to take an interest in U2.

And it’s painful and annoying.

I have learned that very few HR professionals feel comfortable articulating a political position. This sucks because real business leaders (who make money) have real opinions. They don’t want to hear Human Resources professionals talk about the ROI of a wellness plan. They want to have a discussion about meaningful issues. Religion. Politics. Current events. That’s how relationships are formed.

So here is my plea to HR professionals (and this includes staffing peeps) — don’t tell me that you hate politics. Please dont tell me that you are sick of the partisan debate so you turn off the TV. And please don’t talk to me about social media policies and employer branding. I’m done with it. So is your CEO and CFO.

If you are a Human Resources professional and you’re not plugged into the world around you, you are doing it wrong. Just like this cat. Only less cute.

Rock hard abs  Ur doin it wrong

Now please, for the love of god, tell me what you believe.

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