Human Resources

Longest Goodbye EVAR

Tomorrow is my last post on Punk Rock HR. I keep getting asked, “What the hell are you doing? Why are you leaving Punk Rock HR?” My goal is to have a portfolio career. You should have one, too. I will still blog about my life and my thoughts. I am still attending conferences and […]

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Punk Rock HR Blog Lessons: Boundaries

I’m not very good with boundaries on the internet, which is a real pain-in-the-ass because I didn’t realize this problem until it was too late. I was well into my third year of blogging at Punk Rock HR before I realized, hey, maybe I need to be a little less friendly and a little more […]

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Sunday HR Shout-Out: Steve Browne

If you work in Human Resources or live in Ohio, you need to know Steve Browne. He is the ultimate connector and social media guidance counselor — but he also works in the trenches of Human Resources. Steve is the Executive Director of HR for LaRosa’s. He has responsibilities for the strategic direction of over […]

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