Human Resources & Blogging: The Same and Different


My background in Human Resources warns against revealing too much about myself, yet my blog demands that I tell you about my thoughts & opinions in excruciating detail. When I look through my old posts, I find myself painting a picture of my life that is both totally accurate and wildly false.

It’s a caricature, dudes. I have one persona on the blog, but I have a slightly different personality (& voice) in real life. It’s probably what you do at work, too. People think they know you, but they really only know two things:

  • What you reveal about yourself in measured decisions.
  • What you inadvertently reveal about yourself in those moments when you let your guard down.

I would argue that your relationships at work are situational, and many work-friendships are built on convenience and proximity. People assume false intimacy — as if the relationships you have with your colleagues and associates are strong enough to sustain the pressure of the real world.

I feel the same way about blogging: I meet so many wonderful people on the internet, and I have great conversations, but the relationship between blogger and reader — much like the relationship between coworkers — is situational and somewhat passive-aggressive.

  • How many of you felt like you knew someone at work who turned around, assumed too much about you, and made a racist joke?
  • How many of you meet a great person at work and then discover that he’s really just a narcissistic asshole?

Work offers an opportunity to make connections, but those connections are based on your paycheck and your ability to succeed and meet your work-related goals. The pretense of any

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