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Camping Gear – Do You Know the Difference between His and Hers Backpacks?

When it comes to camping gear, few people stop to think that there just might be a difference between gear designed for men and gear designed for women. Of course, most people think that men will want gear to safely carry items like hand guns, crossbows and other ‘manly’ items, but is there any real […]

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Dearest You, Thanks for coming to see my on my 39th birthday. So far, the day is pretty good. Scrubby hasn’t peed on anything, yet. But I am really writing to tell you that today is the last day I will post on this blog. That’s right. I am killing The Cynical Girl. I am […]

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Deleting Your Social Footprint: Facebook 101

January 1st was a pretty easy day for me. I went to Starbucks. I ran with my husband. I sat on the couch and read through a stack of magazines. I had over 300 interactions on Facebook in about 30 minutes of total online time. Not that it’s any of your business. I participated in […]

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Cynicism Ain’t Easy

It’s time for you to learn the difference between cynicism, pessimism and nihilism. Cynicism is an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest. Cynics are often skeptics. Pessimism is a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; there’s a lack of hope or confidence […]

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The week ahead begins with January 5, 2014.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first Sunday of the rest of your lives. Did you have a good holiday season? Everyone make it out without too much damage? I totally forgot that I was supposed to be at International CES, this week. I applied for a press pass, many weeks ago, because I was inspired […]

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