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Dearest You, Thanks for coming to see my on my 39th birthday. So far, the day is pretty good. Scrubby hasn’t peed on anything, yet. But I am really writing to tell you that today is the last day I will post on this blog. That’s right. I am killing The Cynical Girl. I am […]

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Deleting Your Social Footprint: Facebook 101

January 1st was a pretty easy day for me. I went to Starbucks. I ran with my husband. I sat on the couch and read through a stack of magazines. I had over 300 interactions on Facebook in about 30 minutes of total online time. Not that it’s any of your business. I participated in […]

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Cynicism Ain’t Easy

It’s time for you to learn the difference between cynicism, pessimism and nihilism. Cynicism is an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest. Cynics are often skeptics. Pessimism is a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; there’s a lack of hope or confidence […]

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The week ahead begins with January 5, 2014.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first Sunday of the rest of your lives. Did you have a good holiday season? Everyone make it out without too much damage? I totally forgot that I was supposed to be at International CES, this week. I applied for a press pass, many weeks ago, because I was inspired […]

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