Human Resources

You Can’t Make Someone Do Her Job

Years ago, I worked with a chick named Melanie. She was a serious HR generalist who loved human resources. And she loved her job. But she was swamped with shitty work. Her client group, based in New Jersey, had a high rate of turnover. She had a million open requisitions. And we were using Peoplesoft […]

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What to Buy Your GenX Boss for Christmas

I don’t think you need to buy your boss a gift. Your hard work and goodwill are gift enough for your tired, exhausted manager. Your competency is a joy and a blessing. No additional stocking stuffers are required. But if you want to buy your manager something, here are some ideas. La Mer’s The Eye […]

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The week ahead begins with December 8, 2013.

Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. I am blogging over at Medium if you’re interested. I have two articles. My first article is for job seekers who are looking for work during the holidays. My second one is more personal. Hope you like them. Lots of stuff happening in the world regarding work, power, politics and money. […]

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