I Am Not Madonna or Gwenyth


I rant about wellness programs on Punk Rock HR, The Conference Board Review, and Women of HR — but I am trying to live a healthier life. I work out at the gym on a regular basis and I started pilates.

I know, I know. I lost every bit of anti-establishment credibility.

I missed my beginners pilates class, last week, due to BlogHer. The studio owner suggested that I take an advanced class as my “make up class” just to see what it was like. Now remember, I’ve only been doing pilates for five weeks. I’m really new to the world of engaging my ab muscles and opening my shoulders. Up until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure I had abs.

So I went to this advanced class and failed. Miserably. The instructor had us moving from the reformer to the tower to some weird machine with pedals. I think she felt sorry for me because she kept saying, “Good job. You’ve got the right attitude.”

She also said, “Don’t feel bad. Your form looks great for someone who is new to this.”

That’s such a bad sign.

I’m not going to let this failure get me down although I sure felt like a moron as I tried to lift myself over a box using my abs & my arms muscles. I couldn’t manage to do anything other than shake. Progress will come in time, though. I know it.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the fact that I’m attending pilates because I have the time and not because it’s part of a company-mandated wellness program. This freedom to explore wellness on my own terms? It feels like a gift.

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