I Am Speaking at #SHRM10


Hello from San Diego where I’m attending the SHRM 10 Annual Conference.

I’m sorry you aren’t here with me.

Today is a fun day because I’m speaking to a bunch of students who are studying HR — and I’m sharing mistakes I made as a Human Resources professional. Here are my slides.

I’m a lucky woman (sorta). I was able to take my career in HR and turn it into something fun. Not everyone has the same opportunities as me, and I am honored (I’m serious) to write and speak for a living. My story can’t be replicated — but it can be improved upon by future HR and recruiting professionals.

I want to make sure that HR students are thinking about the right issues as they enter the marketplace. If they burn out when they are 30, so be it. I want them to do something cooler and more profitable than Punk Rock HR.

Take. Over. The. Freaking. World.

That’s all.


Steve Forbes is speaking on Sunday. To butter me up for some positive SHRM coverage, he put me in his magazine. Well, technically it’s his website. Whatever. It’s right here.


While I’m away at the conference, I’ll have some guest bloggers who kick butt & take names. I am looking forward to watching the discussions. Should be fun.


Finally, if you have any recommendations for me in San Diego, let me know. I won’t have much time to leave the area, but I’ll be piling in a car and visiting peeps (& the ocean) in La Jolla for a few minutes. I’m looking forward to that.

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