I Don't Follow My Gut


I’m stuck in London reading online articles from career experts. I am trying not to spend any money until my expedited credit cards arrive, which they never will, and I am rolling my eyes at the circular nature of these posts. We talk about the same topics in this community: self-actualization, money, and empowerment. Whatever the hell that means.

There’s a tremendous amount of advice about listening to your gut and following your instincts. In my own life, I can’t think of one person I know who followed his gut and got it right; however, I know lots of people who followed their guts and are now divorced, working in unsatisfying careers, or saddled with snotty children. I also know people who claim to follow their gut instincts but forget to mention all the subtle and subconscious research that went into making those decisions.

It’s easy to say, “I followed my gut.”

It’s difficult to talk about the long hours spent contemplating and meditating upon success, the right move, and interrelated decisions.

I’m the kind of woman who questions my gut instincts because I am naturally selfish. If my first inclination is to behave one way, I’m more successful when I do the opposite. This is because I’m not Jesus or Malcolm Gladwell.

So what do you think about guts and instinct? Do you follow your gut? Does it lead you in the right direction? Do you make good decisions based on instinct?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I suck.

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