I Don't Have Skillz. I Work in HR.


I’m sharp, witty, and I consider myself to be an educated woman — but I’m not wicked-smart when it comes to science, math, or computers & shit. I know that the sky is blue and that the sun rises in the east. I know that google runs on an algorithm; however, don’t ask me for the technical explanations of blue skies or algorithms. If I could do math or science, I wouldn’t be in Human Resources.

    So I was pleased to read Joel Cheesman‘s tweet about a funky little tool called Compete. I always wondered how it was possible for other people to talk about my site’s traffic — and now I know the secret.

    I also know your site’s traffic, too.

    I’m not sure that Compete is a perfect tool, but I’m not smart enough to recognize the perfect tool (unless it’s Spencer Pratt). I use WordPress.com, and I have very little control over my domain and I can’t install Google Analytics — although I think WordPress.com already uses Google Analytics and provides a report to me. My statistics seem comprehensive — but I’m never sure about the validity of the data. This is especially true since changing my domain name.

    Now I have another internet measurement tool to use thanks to Joel Cheesman

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