I Forgot How Awesome I Am


Weird story.

Apparently, as I was leaving my pformer employer, two colleagues recognized my hard work & nominated me for a performance award. This performance award is called a STAR award, and you are given $50 if your supervisor agrees that you are a STAR.

I vaguely remember being nominated and feeling ambivalent.

  • I’m a star? Wow! Great! Don’t forget to send me the superstar severance check, yo.

So I opened today’s mail and I received one of those gifty Mastercards for $100 — the amount represents my unused and unredeemed STAR awards. I can use it almost anywhere!

I wish I could remember who nominated me and recognized my performance because now I feel like an asshole. Did I say ‘thank you’ in an email? I’m usually very polite, so I’m praying to baby jesus that I recognized your recognition of me.

Needless to say, this superstar is feeling like she ‘exceeds expectations’. She also needs a manicure & pedicure.

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