I need more infographics in my life like I need MRSA.


You know what really wows me and moves the needle? Infographics.

Take really important information and dilute the hell out of it. Make the font really small. Pick a fugly color scheme. And let me read that shit on my phone.


Here is an infographic about online job interviews. I am not sure if the data is reliable or valid. I don’t know what I’m looking for. But I do see one headline: body language during interviews can influence 80% of final hiring decisions.


  • Q: What if you’re disabled and can’t move your body?
  • A: You better have expressive eyes.

Infographics are lazy, often inaccurate, and represent the lowest common denominator of marketing. Having peddled a few infographics in my time, I know there are better ways to communicate information. And having been a blogger for nearly a decade, I have had plenty of infographics sent my way.

Nothing sticks. Nothing resonates. For the most part, there is no heart in the artwork.

Honestly, there is only one man who can get away with presenting infographics as both a valid source of information and art. That’s David Byrne.

Are you the pioneering founder of an art-rock band? No. No you’re not.


So if you’re not creating art, please stop selling infographics to uneducated consumers as if they mean something. It’s shameful. And I think you can do better.

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