If You’re Going To Blog, Do It Under Your Own Name


Lots of debate about whether or not you should blog. Do what you want. I really don’t care. But as you know, I’m of the opinion that you don’t really need a blog. It’s not going to make you rich. It’s fun and you should try it — but there are more effective ways to accomplish personal and professional goals than blogging.

But if you’re going to do it — do it under your own name. Don’t try to come up with a gimmicky title or name for your blog. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about.

Years ago, I wrote all kinds of goofy blogs. Then I started the goofiest blog in the history of career/HR blogging called Punk Rock HR. That’s great — but I sealed my fate and I will never be known as Laurie Ruettimann. I will always be known as that HR chick who wrote Punk Rock HR and by the way she doesn’t look all that punk rock.

I sold Punk Rock HR back in 2010. Once I lost control of it, I realized that I boxed myself into a corner. Everyone knew me but no one could spell my name. Fuckers. Isn’t this America? Don’t we believe in diversity? I now needed a transition plan and decided to use an old domain in my library, The Cynical Girl, as a stepping stone in my writing career.

At some point, I’ll move all this shit over to LaurieRuettimann.com. Maybe in 2012.

So here’s my point.

  • If you are going to blog, do it right. Write under your own name and work on developing a reputation (not a brand) as an expert. Why confuse people?
  • If you’re a company, blog on your company’s main website. Don’t give your blog a funny/cute/wicked/interesting/witty name. No one gets your sense of humor, anyway. Just ask your ex-wife.

I do have good news to report. Although I blog at The Cynical Girl, I have learned that people will eventually find you over the internet no matter how complicated your name. When I see some of the google searches on my last name that lead people to my blog, it makes me laugh and reaffirms my faith in computer science and algorithms.

So if you’re going to blog, do it right. No catchy names, no flashy titles, no silly brands.

Be you.

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