iFollow Digital Platform Launched by the EFL for International Fans


A few months ago, I found this sports betting site which had all the best bonus codes sorted, but I was missing one key component; there was no way for me to watch the very game that I was so hyped for! However, it looks like following EFL games and betting on them is going to get a lot easier for the league’s overseas fans from the next season. The EFL has just launched a digital platform for its fans around the world and hopes for it to become a significant revenue earner in the future. iFollow will be launched before the next season begins and will hopefully be able to cater to the majority of the 270,000 EFL club supporters located in different sections of the globe.

How Much Will It Cost?

According to the current plans, the membership fees are set at £110 for the entire season. However, they may change, depending on the demand of the service and the teams that involve themselves with iFollow.

Opportunity for Growth

In addition to the possibility of significant revenue boosts for the clubs and the league, EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey also mentions that iFollow will help the EFL to spread and grow globally. The platform is hoping to engage the global EFL fan base better than ever.

iFollow May Have a Tough Time

In spite of the huge potential that the platform holds, things are not looking all rosy for iFollow at the moment. The biggest problem is that the clubs themselves are not cooperating like Harvey had hoped they would. Instead of joining iFollow, popular clubs like Aston Villa and Leeds are actually concentrating on their individual streaming services. If the management isn’t able to bring some of the major clubs in the league under the service by the start of the next season, the initiative may struggle.

Further Problems

Unfortunately, clubs not joining the platform isn’t iFollow’s only problem at the moment. Due to restrictions imparted by the English Football League’s domestic rights deal, no fan in the UK or Ireland will be able to use the platform for watching live matches. They will instead have to be satisfied with live commentary, highlights, and other content exclusive to iFollow. Although iFollow is aimed more towards the fans that live outside the UK, it is still a loss nonetheless.

The Target Regions

The list of areas where the service will be available have not yet been disclosed by the EFL, but prime locations will be in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Surveys have confirmed that these nations hold the highest number of international EFL fans in the whole world.

iFollow will replace and rebrand the PlayerHD platform which had so far been the league’s prime service and, hopefully, it will see more success than its predecessor. A lot depends on the teams and their decisions though. We will have to wait and see how well it actually works when it goes live in just a few more months.

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