Ignite Raleigh 2 & Scrubby


I hate public speaking. You have no idea. One of the ways I try to master my fear, beyond taking Xanax and Klonapin, is through practice. I also dream about running my car into a shallow lake.

So I presented at Ignite Raleigh 2 on Wednesday night. Do you know what Ignite is? You have five minutes and twenty slides to tell a story. It’s like a def jam poetry slam for geeky people who like social media & other topics.

Here’s my practice reel.

Here’s the presentation itself.

You can find me at 1:56 on the actual livestream. The quality isn’t great, but I opened my segment by saying, “I can’t believe I have to close this bitch down.”

That’s the benefit of going last. Then I got rickrolled.

I want to thank @kenruet for being such a scrubilicious photographer and @zachward for being the most awesome coach. I’d like to thank the team at @ourhashtag for asking me to be a featured speaker.

If you never hear from me again, it’s because I’m exhausted and I ran away to the Azores. (Fine, okay, I don’t even know where the Azores are… I’m American… geography is hard.)

Here are some pix, too.

Ignite2 Raleigh

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