Illegal Immigration & Jobs


John McCain and JD Hayworth are engaged in a nasty primary battle in Arizona. You’re probably wondering why anyone cares, and I’m not sure normal people do.

Unfortunately, I care a little bit because some of the most contentious issues in America — including healthcare and immigration — are being debated by the candidates.

And both candidates suck.

Here’s my take on the immigration issue.

  • I can’t name a single person in my entire life who endorses illegal immigration, which is saying something because I know a lot of people.
  • I have people in my life who are naturalized citizens who came here under sketchy circumstances. I know others who came over as children and don’t even remember their home countries. They are on a path to citizenship, years later, as adults. Even those people support a robust immigration policy.
  • Tunnels from Mexico to America? Mara Salvatrucha aka MS-13? Staying in this country on an expired visa? All bad ideas. No one supports opening our borders and letting terrorists into America. No one. If they do, they are morons.

Instead of discussing the real reasons why people come to America illegally, we mix several issues into one pot and let it overflow and boil with rage. Gang violence. Crowded schools. Welfare. Bilingual education. Drugs. Murder. It’s as if we see illegal immigration as a Mexican — or Latino — issue.

So let’s take that a step further. These people (“these people”) want to come here to take advantage of our awesome public schools, our amazing emergency rooms, and our generous welfare system. When they cross the border, which is such an easy thing to do because it’s so porous and there are no threatening elements pegged against them, they are ungrateful and needy and want good, American jobs at meat packing facilities and strawberry farms. They even have the nerve to ask for state-issued drivers licenses because we have such amazingly safe highways.

It’s such an awesome debate we’re having.

I think we could curtail illegal immigration tomorrow. Let’s stop employing people who don’t have a right to work in America. Isn’t it illegal to hire illegal immigrants? Isn’t it immoral to pay people below the minimum wage solely because they can’t speak English and they’re in a position of weakness?

There’s no need to send more National Guard troops to the border (and waste my tax dollars) when we could just ask our business leaders to follow the law, meet their legal responsibilities, and run their companies in an ethical way.

I might be a dreamer on this one, folks. Tell me what you think.

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