I’m Addicted to Candy Crush


candycrushimageYears ago, I played the original Blackberry games — Texas Hold ‘Em, Sudoku, Klondike, that stupid paddle board thing — because I was bored on planes.

After you sit on enough flights without internet, it’s easy to get hooked.

But now there is wifi on domestic flights. And I have a Kindle. I can spend my time doing something more productive than playing games on my phone. But I started playing Candy Crush on a flight to Chicago, recently, because I can only read so much neo-liberal analysis of the potential appointment of Larry Summers to the Federal Reserve without gouging my eyes out.

(Yeah yeah yeah. He is wrong for the job, but there is no decent candidate out there. Anyone who wants that job is much too dirty to deserve that job. Le sigh.)

Anyway, I needed a break from the media. Candy Crush does it.

Unfortunately, I’m on record making fun of Farmville. To be fair, I really made fun of people who paid for Farmville. But also to be fair, I have paid $27 towards Candy Crush.

I’m in it.

I know the psychology behind theses games. I understand that it’s nothing more than a slot machine. But I have evolved on this subject (a little) and I have a new perspective:

Mind your own business.

If I want to spend money on a game, it is none of your concern. And I am sorry if my Candy Crush clogs your Facebook feed, but maybe you should get off Facebook and go read the newspaper.

(See? We can both judge.)

Anyway, stuff is happening in the real world. Publicis and Omnicom are merging. A gunman killed six people in Florida. And people are still dying in Egypt and Syria.

Some people distract themselves with loose women, drugs and fast cars.

I just turn on my phone.

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