I'm Allergic To HR: So Are You


I subscribe to the HR Daily Advisor in my RSS feeder. The site is a great resource for HR Generalists, but the content always reminds me of why I really dislike my chosen career in Human Resources. If there’s an issue or question related to compliance or paperwork, the HR Daily Advisor has a thorough and comprehensive answer.

Is it me, or does this information gives you hives? Quick! Someone pass the EpiPen because I just had an anaphylactic reaction to HR record keeping.

As I’ve written before, there are important activities at a company that pertain to personnel management. Those functions are related to federal & state compliance issues, payroll, basic employee management and training, and the administration of company policies and procedures. I have one simple question to ask, though: should this work be done in the name of Human Resources?

I know it’s important for employees to have a single point of contact for benefits, resources, training, etc.; however, it’s wholly inefficient to ask a single department to function as a conduit for administrative matters, talent management, policies, procedures, compliance, recruiting, retention, training, employee branding, etc.

American monopolies have histories of failure. Bloated oil companies and bureaucratic airlines don’t create efficiencies; these operating models increase consumer prices, reduce innovation, and slow things down. Might I ask: In the spirit of being faster/better/cheaper, why does HR still operate under a hodgepodge model where anything related to an employee falls under one umbrella?

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