I'm an Idealist


10284398173I just want to take a second and clear the air. I don’t believe that work is just a job.

I believe that work is an exchange of goods and services between an employee and an employer. Compensation is the most important part of that exchange. It’s not called work for nothing, yo.

Your first priority is to get paid. If you can earn money and do what you love, it’s gravy. (Revised: I still think the notion that you are entitled to do what you love as an extension of your ‘authentic self’ is a dumb way to look at a job and a career.)

That’s why I am a big fan of Idealist.org — a site where you can make a difference, work with dignity, and earn a little coin. Go there and check out some of the job openings, the not-for-profit HR discussion board, or the blog.

Remember this Punk Rock HR rule of thumb, though: if you’re not getting paid, it’s volunteer work.

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