I'm Going to Sue My Boss


I love this article from the LA Times.

Read the article to learn about pending legislation that will protect employees from offensive, intimidating, or oppressive work environments. You need this legislation, sweetheart, because there isn’t much recourse against assholes in the work environment — unless the asshole in question tries to have sex with you, and even that may not constitute a hostile work environment. I’m not sure if you can define asshole in a court of law, but I’m pretty sure that unchecked aggression and alpha-dog bullying in the workforce need to be addressed in some fashion. Now go get me a cup of coffee, dollface, and remember that I like my coffee like I like my men — dark and strong.

The article also references the wonderful My Bad Boss competition, which is sponsored by the AFL-CIO. If you want to waste time at work (and who doesn’t?), check out some of the stories and take the Bad Boss Quiz. I thought some of my former supervisors were jerks, but this year’s winner takes the cake. I have been thinking about a former supervisor who wanted to fire me while I was out on FMLA taking care of my mother. I have a few words to say: Thank you, President Clinton, for protecting my job.

The LA Times article mentions the very interesting eBoss Watch website, as well. You can rate your boss for free, similar to the way people rate teachers & professors; however, you will need to pay $3.99 to read the report on what people have said about supervisors, companies, or jobs. I won’t tell you whether or not I’ve rated my former supervisors, but I will tell you that this site makes me warm & fuzzy.

Finally, I was thinking about the reasons why I would sue my former supervisors and bring forth the wrath of a thousand trial lawyers. Unfortunately, my employment history is boring and I don’t have many reasons to sue. I wouldn’t mind suing the supervisor who made me take out my body piercings because they weren’t GMP compliant. If anything, I should sue her for not making me take out those piercings sooner. I looked like such a dork.

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