I'm Not A Joiner


Hey, Suckers, Suzanne Kart posted a brilliant video essay by author Jeff Gordinier about the nature of Generation X.

[youtube www.youtube.com

Why do you care about this video?

  • From a Human Resources standpoint, this video is a good reminder of why it’s important to harness the talent of Generation X. We are a small group of employees compared to the pension-busting Boomers, but we are awesome.
  • From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Jeff’s riff on Google is brilliant. When he discusses Steve Jobs and Al Gore, it’s even better.
  • From a sociological standpoint, the rant on The Beatles is freakin’ hysterical. It’s too much.

Dudes, I’m buying the book right now — but I’m buying it through HR Wench’s site because she is an Amazon affiliate, yo.

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