I'm On Notice


I woke up late and I am already three hours behind my project plan to return to Michigan — so it looks like I’ll be hauling ass on the highway to make up for lost time.

I managed to read some of the comments from my readers about the lovely state of Ohio. Really? Do you really love Ohio that much? I was stuck in downtown Columbus traffic, earlier this week. Who designed that expressway? Satan?


Fine, you can consider me warned. I’m on a thirty-day performance improvement plan with SMART goals realted* related to soliciting feedback and controlling my rants against Ohio. If I fail to meet the terms & conditions of this written performance improvement plan — or if my rants against any other states in the union (except Alaska) offend you — I will be terminated from my role as an unemployed HR blogger without notice.


*I’ll also be held accountable for using the spellchecker before I publish posts. Sorry about that.

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