I'm Pfree


I saw The Soup Dragons open up for INXS in 1991 at The Rosemont Horizon in Chicago. I have to say that INXS was the far superior band. What’s not to love about the tragically handsome Michael Hutchence with his long, wavy hair and superstar body?

As a side note: it’s funny how INXS seemed so relevant when I was sixteen years old, but they suddenly seem like lite adult contemporary music when I’m thirty-two. Bah!

Anyway, I can’t help but remember the concert due to the performance of The Soup Dragons. They played several songs, and members of the audience were booing during the set of mostly uknown songs and screaming, “I’m Free!”

Do you remember that horrible song?

I’m free/to do what I want/any old time.

You’re also free to sing a better song that doesn’t invade my mind like an earworm.

In any case, I’m thinking about The Soup Dragons on my last day at work. For your edification, and to poison your minds with bad 90s dance music, here is the video.

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