Improving first-aid procedures in the workplace


Summary: First-aid procedures should be regularly assessed in the workplace to ensure that you are protecting the safety of your employees. There are a few simple ways to improve first-aid in the workplace, including appointing a first-aider and holding regular meetings to discuss matters relating to health and safety.

It is hoped that you will never require it, but having a first-aid kit is essential in the workplace. It is something that all businesses must consider, but it is of particular importance for those that work in a dangerous industry. Unfortunately, many companies do not realise that their health and safety is not up to the required standard until an incident occurs costing lives.

Fortunately, first-aid can be relatively straightforward to improve with the following steps:


First, you must assess the workplace to see what action needs to be taken. You should consider any hazards that your employees face on a daily basis and what practices you currently have in place if an accident occurs.


Next, you should appoint a first-aider if you do not have one. It’s a person who has been trained in first-aid and is responsible for handling any related matters – be it calling the emergency services, providing care or ensuring that the first-aid box is always full.

First-Aid box

You should have a fully stocked first-aid box in an easy to reach space. If you work in a large building, you will need multiple boxes and signs indicating where the nearest box is.


If you have members of the public onsite, they will be unaware of first-aid procedures. It is for this reason that you should have a first aid sign or two around the building that communicates important messages. This could indicate where the first-aid box is, an emergency call point, where the first-aid room is amongst various other messages.

First-Aid room

Depending on your industry, you may also need a first-aid room where people can go if they are injured or unwell. This room should be kept clean and tidy at all times, have a couch where people can be examined or lay down, have washable surfaces and have a sink.

Reviews and meetings

You should regularly review your first-aid procedures and equipment and discuss your findings with employees. This will keep first-aid at the forefront of their minds, but also provide them with a platform to voice any ideas or concerns that they have about the topic.

Assessing and improving first-aid in the workplace is vital, and it should be carried out before an incident occurs – this applies in particular if you work in a dangerous industry, but is also important for other businesses. It is not too challenging to do this once you have appointed a first-aider, but it is important to see it as an ongoing process where you regularly look for ways to improve.

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