Inaugural Feature on PRHR: Keep Your Day Job!


I’ve been inspired to start a new feature here on Punk Rock HR (PRHR). It’s call KEEP YOUR DAY JOB, and our mascot will be Pierce Brosnan.

Why Pierce Brosnan? The dude is hot, and he made an excellent James Bond; however, I saw Mamma Mia, this weekend, and Remington Steele cannot sing. In fact, when he sang his first song, SOS, the theater erupted into laughter. I felt embarrassed for him because the dude has looks, charm, and a very lovely wife who is both real and age-appropriate; however, he cannot carry a tune despite his best efforts.

Pierce Brosnan, keep your day job!

PS – Pierce, if you’re reading this, some good will come of your singing — if only because you started a new feature on my blog. Also, please call me. I heart you. Big time.


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