Innovators and Auditors


I was listening to POTUS 08, today, and I heard John Zogby talk about his polling company.

What does a polling company do when there’s no big election? Well it turns out that only 9% of their business is related to political campaigns. Much of the work in the polling industry is related to Corporate America (e.g., Gallup coordinates employee engagement surveys at many big companies), and pollsters have plenty of work to keep them busy.

Mr. Zogby also said, “In our field, there are innovators and there are auditors.”

That’s so brilliant — and it true for most industries and careers, including Human Resources.

So I ask:

  • Are you an innovator?
  • Are you an auditor?
  • Do you know the difference?

Maybe there’s a more honest question, which is, “Can you be an innovator in Human Resources?”

I’m not sure you can.

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