Interviews, Unemployment, and The Cloud


A question from CF.

I’ve googled myself just to see what comes up. Nothing deleterious. Which websites do HR people visit in order to check you out, so to speak?

In my opinion, Human Resources shouldn’t be checking anyone out via Google or any other website. I’ve said this before: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and the internet is neither reliable nor valid. You never know if the information is accurate. Also, f–k anyone from Human Resources or legal who wants to bring the holier-than-thou approach to the hiring process. You’re not perfect. Neither are your candidates.

That being said, many HR people are using Google, Facebook, and MySpace to check up on you. They might use Twitter. Some will review your LinkedIn profile.

A friend of mine told me to unplug myself from the internet because we can’t trust the cloud. I think it’s too late — so just use some common sense, job seekers. If there’s something up on the internet that you truly regret, try to find a way to dissociate yourself from the content.

Also, here’s some advice: don’t work for a company that is more concerned about your online consumption habits than your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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