Introducing Career Hangout


A few months ago, my friends at mediabistro asked me to participate in a Google Hangout with Lars Schmidt. It was awesome in a cable access TV kind of way — and that’s where I do my best work.

Lars and I talked about careers and job interviews. I love that kind of stuff. My original goal with Punk Rock HR was to take my knowledge of recruiting and HR and share it with the world and mediabistro has been there for me throughout my blogging career — always helping me to achieve my goals.

After the event, I sent a note to Lars. The note simply said, “I’m bored with my life. Let’s do something.”

He didn’t say no.

Then I said, “Can’t we just do more Google hangouts and talk about careers?”

Bam. We are now going to hangout on Google every Tuesday at 11AM ET. Our goal is to pay it forward and help you find a job or make your job better.

That’s it.

Lars and I have a combined 30 years worth of industry experience. We both have great networks, real jobs and solid recruiting experience. We just figure — we  can’t solve your the world’s problems but maybe we can help you with your career.


I think this will be fun, but more importantly, I hope we will help people who just want to move forward and get back to work.

So watch us on our website on Tuesdays at 11AM ET. That’s it. So easy. You don’t even have to watch us live, either. The archive will be on our site, too.

PS — Wish us luck. Lars is a natural on camera. I need diva lights.

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