Is There a Human in Human Resources?


Galina Nemirovsky left a comment in yesterday’s post about Social Media and HR.

I’ve been working in HR/Marketing for the last 13 years but I am a writer. To me, writing is my sanity. Twitter and my blog are therapeutic to me; I can foster my anger, frustration, sadness in keystrokes and clicks. However, I went too far with my last job and I think that was what got me fired.

However, I ascertain that it is our current social communication genre and if you want to play the game, you need to get your gear. I do think, however, that technology has had an adverse reaction on the field of human resources … technology has taken the human out of Human Resources.

I love comments like these because they spark a new conversation. Here’s what I think.

  • When misused — such as in the recruiting process — technology removes the human aspect out of everything including Human Resources.
  • When implemented in a thoughtful way, I think technology can reduce the inefficient aspects of Human Resources. It forces a company to streamline bureaucratic practices. Employee interactions become more meaningful when you’re talking about important things and not just dealing with paperwork.

I also believe that technology shines a light on crappy HR departments, too. It’s much harder to hide when you are held accountable and your performance is measured.

What do you think? Has technology has had an adverse reaction on the field of Human Resources? Has technology taken the human out of Human Resources?

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