Isiah Thomas: Go Away


I’m a Human Resources professional and a Chicago sports fan. I should probably write something about Isiah Thomas and how the court’s findings are actually a personal victory for the smooth-talking Thomas. (Thomas is guilty of sexually harassing Anucha Brown Sanders but doesn’t have to pay punitive damages to the plaintiff. His employer & the chairman of the company will pay a combined $11.6 MM.)

I can’t muster enough energy to write at length about Isiah Thomas. I will tolerate arrogance when it’s accompanied by a strong history of performance or a high level of intelligence. Isiah meets neither category. Whether it’s his ridiculous explanation of his use of the words bitch & ho, or his smarmy playing history with the Detroit Pistons (although a champ, still a douche), I don’t have much tolerance for a guy who is both dumb and arrogant.


Will he be fired anytime soon? What do you think?

PS – Thanks, Isiah, for that lessons on bitches & hos. Very helpful and will be used at my next workplace harassment seminar!

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