It Takes A Village To Get A Job


They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say that it takes a village of HR professionals to answer Miss E’s question.

    Dear Laurie,

    I applied for a professional job at a local Humane Society, last Sunday. I saw the job posting on CareerBuilder but opted to go to the Careers section of the Humane Society’s site to apply, thinking I’d have a better chance of being noticed.

    I e-mailed their HR department with my cover letter, resume and writing sample, as it requested, and got an automated e-mail back saying thank you for submitting, if we’re interested we’ll be in touch, blah, blah, blah. Also, in the posting it said “No phone calls, please.”

    So my question is simple. Is there anything more I can do to get noticed? I would LOVE to at least get an interview for this job, and I want them to know I’m interested, but I don’t necessarily want to disrespect their wishes by bugging them with a phone call. I’ve had a friend suggest submitting my resume and cover letter again via snail mail, but I don’t want to annoy them with multiple applications, either.

    Any advice?

    – Miss E

Can anyone advise Miss E while I’m away from the computer and getting my life in order?

  • Should she bug the HR department?
  • Trust that good things will come her way if she’s qualified?
  • Send the recruiters donuts (or bacon)?

Help this sister out, will ya? What’s the right HR etiquette?

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