It's Not Your Computer. (It's You.)


I’ve provided HR support to IT organizations for years, and I’m lucky enough to ‘know people’. I never have to call the help desk and deal with (gasp!) foreigners or (gasp!) non-employee contractors.

I simply pick up the phone and call my friends & clients. Never having to wait for IT support — isn’t that what networking is all about?

I have great sympathy for people who are paid to answer stupid IT questions because I couldn’t do that job for a million bucks. No way. No f-ing way. People are impatient jerkwads, and I don’t want to sit on the phone and talk to someone who is yelling at a box with wires and an LCD screen.

“What are you getting mad about?” I would ask. “It’s just a computer. Get some perspective!”

I’m always amazed by the stories from the IT Help Desk at work. Here’s an article from an edition of this week’s NYTs that highlights some of those horrible IT/customer stories.

Check out this excerpt:

A Canadian customer was calling to find out if there was a faster way to trigger menu commands than mousing up to the menus.

Agent: Certainly, sir. There are keyboard shortcuts for many of those commands. For example, suppose you want to trigger the Select All command

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