Japanese Souvenirs & Your Office


My husband is in Japan for work. He travels to Tokyo quite often — and no, he won’t bring me along. That’s fine. Whatever. I don’t need a husband to travel, and I don’t even want to go to stupid Tokyo. Pffft.

When I had a Corporate HR job, the husband bought tacky souvenirs that I could stash in my office. Now that my office is my living room, I am less inclined to accept junk and strongly motivated to request tchotchkes that won’t crap up my house.

So here’s my list of stuff I want from Japan.

  • My first request is The Shouting Vase. It holds your anger and looks like a piece of pottery. It’s win/win — and I think it will blend in well with my decor.
  • Next up is the Decori Fashion Flu Face Mask. I like how the purple mask is ‘glamorous’ and the pink mask is ‘lovely’. After watching 60 Minutes, I will now describe my fears of H1N1 as both glamorous & lovely. I’ll wear these masks when I write about flu shots.
  • Finally, I want the $152 Fried Shrimp USB Memory Stick. I do a tremendous amount of traveling. It is practical, it looks yummy, and it’s reasonably priced.

I wonder what’s crapping up your office cubicle? What should my husband bring you from Japan? See anything you like?

[FYI: speaking of things that crap up your office, please do not send souvenir requests from the related site, the Endocoscope Shop. Don’t even click on the link. Or click on the link, but tell me something: Why endoscopes? I mean, really, does that seem like fun? I don’t want to judge, but I’ve had a colonoscopy. Nothing sexy about that.]

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