Jason Seiden and Self-Destruction: My Review


I tried to use You Tube’s quick capture to upload a vlog about Jason Seiden‘s awesome book called How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What’s Left of Your Career.

Unfortunately, the internet is conspiring against me and my video and audio tracks are misaligned.

In lieu of a vlog, let me summarize how I feel about the book:

  • I love it.
  • HR Wench enjoyed it and wrote a comprehensive review of the book. I don’t want to be derivative, so go read her review.
  • If you want to understand why your career sucks and how to fix it, this book is for you.
  • If you have an employee who comes to you for advice and wants to figure out why his/her career is stuck in neutral (or reverse), this book is a great resource.

Jason is a great writer and he flips ‘traditional career advice’ on its back and tells you how to succeed by giving you hilarious examples of how to fail. The book’s message will appeal to employees in all stages of their careers — and I personally highlighted all the mistakes that I made in my career and tried to think about applying Jason’s advice to my own experiences.

The book is brill, and I totally recommend it.


As a side note — here are some pictures of me with the book. One is staged picture to make me look all professorial & elitist. The other is a picture of me looking at my cat, Lucy, who is puking on my area rug in the kitchen.


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