Jason Seiden Talks To You About Fear


While I’m attending ERE, enjoy this guest post from Jason Seiden.


I gots me an issue.

The issue started last week when I took my daughter to the ER for what turned out to be an emergency appendectomy.

I was never really worried about the procedure—appendectomies and doctors are like ground balls and baseball players—but at one point, I did become concerned about the process.

That was right around the time when the ER nurse offered to give my daughter morphine to alleviate pain that was being caused by a preliminary procedure they were making her go through… as a CYA.

For those of you not keeping score, here’s that tally again:

Unnecessary procedure. Pain-causing. To the point of offering morphine. To a seven year old.

Now, I get it if the morphine is for the appendicitis. But it wasn’t. It was for something else.

Something unnecessary.

Which is why I responded by requesting a transfer to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where the story ends happily.

Surprise: this isn’t a healthcare rant.

I know. It has the makings of a great one. But it’s not. My issue is not medicine.

It’s FEAR.

This story is a call to take up arms against those small, daily FEARS that turn smart people—like ER doctors—into unthinking, rule-following sheep.

You know exactly what I’m talking about, too, don’t you.

That ER doctor? She was a product of FEAR. She had been conditioned to fear insurance company paper pushers rather than care for patients, and as a result, her only question to me was why I wouldn’t want to race to put my child on narcotics. The idea of challenging a protocol that she knew and admitted was overkill simply never crossed her mind.

Look, folks: We can’t run a successful society when FEAR-based (non-)thinking is the norm.

But there’s good news: You are hereby recruited into the ongoing battle against FEAR.

The fight is already underway, the army huge, and you can’t say no. Heck, we even have shirts that proclaim our fearlessness: “Fail Spectacularly!” they scream.


So choose your weapon: do you enjoy torching the status quo? Illuminating shining examples? Sticking everything in a blender? Whatever you choose, I promise, you’ll make a difference

The only question is, where do you find FEAR, and what have you done to help those trapped by it?

Answering that is the totality of your basic training.

Fall in, baby.

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