Jennifer McClure and Laurie Ruettimann Webinars


Jennifer McClure & Laurie Ruettimann @ #RecruitCamp - 4/22/10

Jennifer & Laurie: 2010

Hello, everyone. I have a fun announcement!

Jennifer McClure and I have teamed up to deliver a few webinars because, hey, we like having fun together.

Here are our events.

I know, I know. These sessions probably aren’t for you. You read my blog. You get it. But you work with men and women who don’t understand how social media and business come together. This series is for them.

  1. We will share the HOW and WHY of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  2. We won’t just focus on HR and talent acquisition, although those are important. We will share best practices in the marketplace. Nothing sketchy.
  3. This series will provide an understanding of how the best brands — both B2B and B2C — use social media to cultivate awareness, develop brand advocates and nurture both consumer and employment leads in the market.

Jennifer and I are two women who have spent the better part of a decade using social media to enhance our entrepreneurial endeavors. We meet men and woman on a regular basis who are still skeptical and don’t know how to link social channels to real world business activities.

If we can embrace social tools, so can your colleagues.

And if you are a talent acquisition pro or a Human Resources professional, we want you to be ready for conferences like SHRM or the HR Technology Conference & Expo. We want to give you a new set of skills.

Because we love what we do, all attendees will receive a toolkit after each webinar. The kit will include a copy of the slide deck, a recording of the webinar and a resource sheet and links with information from leading social media strategists.

If you know someone who could benefit from our help, please tell your colleagues and clients about our webinar series.

Thanks for your support!

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