Jillian Michaels of Career Coaching and Headhunting


Kerry over at Clue Wagon alerted me to a new job on the market.

A production company is looking for a ghost writer and blogger for a new show described as, “The Jillian Michaels of Career Coaching and Headhunting.”

Wow. I almost peed myself laughing.

The show will air on BRAVO. Check out the ad.



I can’t tell what the production company is trying to accomplish.

We are building a brand around our founder the focus of which is to create the ‘Jillian Michaels of Career Coaching and Headhunting’.

I want to know — Do they have Jillian Michaels or don’t they? Is this show about a fitness guru turned career advisor? Or is this about getting fat people back to work? Or is this show about making fat, unemployed people cry? And do you have to be fat to be on this show?

Nothing but questions. Right here.

Let me just add that I do cardio 3x/week and I take pilates lessons — and one might think that I am the Jillian Michaels of career advisors, but I am not. This goes without saying, but you shouldn’t take fitness advice from me and you should never take career advice from a motivational speaker, a fitness trainer, or someone who allows a production company to write such an awful recruiting ad.

I especially like the part that says, “There are only 24 hours in a day and we need 48 – please help us reach further than we can alone! Send resume, availability, and rates.”

Yeah. Okay. Let me work my ass off, give you my content without my own personal brand attached, and you can pay me dog shit just like every other reality TV production company.

Sounds like a great career move for me and every other freelance writer out there. This will be an exceptional career show.

So imma pass on this opportunity. Anyone else interested?

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