J&J Sues Red Cross Over Use Of Emblem



Whenever you hear a smarmy politician berate the Democrats, frivolous lawsuits, and the trial lawyer lobby — just remember that good old J&J is using its own corporate legal department, supplemented by outside counsel that will be funded in part by government tax breaks and corporate welfare, to sue The Red Cross.

The Red f-ing Cross!!

Next up:

  • Coke sues local pizza chain when I ask for a “Coke” and they truly serve me Pepsi. Turns out that already happened. I don’t know my Coke history.
  • Kleenex sues my grandmother when I ask for a Kleenex and she really gives me an off-brand tissue.

You can contact J&J here if you want to express your point of view.

UPDATE: J&J Sues Red Cross Over Use Of Emblem

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