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Do you know someone who owns, or partially owns, a small (under 100 or so employees) business?  Do you often hear them complain that they can’t make their product or sell their service as well as they want to because they are busy with administrative problems like employees, compliance, insurance, and legal issues?   Maybe they are getting things done, but only by spending a fortune out-sourcing all of it, cutting into business profit.

I ask you, loyal reader, if you know someone, because the people who are overwhelmed by their small business are probably not taking the time to read this, or any other, blog.  So if you know a business or a person like this, tell them you know of a professional that can ease their burden and help their business make more money.  Tell them about me!

1.        I’m a lawyer. This gives the business a huge advantage, because I can review and negotiate contracts and leases, write any kind of compliance document, and help assess the legal risk of almost any situation, without having to spend a dime on outside counsel.  Say goodbye to a legal retainer.

2.       I’m a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). This means that I know and understand strategic and operational HR.  Really.  I took a test to prove it, but I’ve done it all, too.  If a business has to pay anyone from the outside to come in and investigate, discipline, review  policies and procedures, audit practices, or ensure legal compliance – then I can retrieve those costs.

3.       I understand business finance.  I will figure out how you make money and where it goes, and how to help align the business administrative needs to the financial realities.  I’m not afraid of a P&L.

4.       I’m intellectually curious. If something needs to be done outside my area of expertise, I am happy to research the issue and do whatever needs doing to get it done.  I have successfully implemented a bar code scanning system and enhanced product labeling this way.

The type of business, in my opinion, is basically irrelevant.  All businesses have administrative needs, no matter the people or product.  I just want to be happy with the company mission and values.  For the record, I am willing to relocate, at my own expense, to just about anywhere except California.

If you want to see my formal resume with some specific accomplishments, check out a video, or find links to my blog, other writings, and Twitter profile, start with visiting my LinkedIn profile at Everything can be reached from there, and my email and phone numbers are on my resume. Make sure you click “view full profile” at the bottom.

A big thank you to Laurie Ruettimann and Punk Rock HR for this awesome opportunity to talk to her followers!

Joan E.Ginsberg, JD, SPHR

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