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Here is another PRHR question.

Hi Laurie!  So, question o’ the day — I’m still on the job hunt, and since unemployment benefits are now all gone, I am now in the must-work, any-job-will-do phase of the job search. I may get to fulfill that dream of head fry chef at Arby’s yet.

My question for you and possibly your readers is a “talk me down” question: Is there any way to “universalize” the data I use to apply to jobs? Is there a product I’m missing that stores a repository of my info (resume, database version of resume these programs ask me to build, etc.).

It’s just so frustrating that seemingly every company uses different programs. I know some use Taleo, etc. but those never seem to retain information across the program.

I know from a recruiting standpoint, a company wouldn’t want to share that info (especially if they have a desirable candidate), and from a security standpoint they need to keep it private. But I swear, 80 to 90% of my time job seeking is filling out exactly the same information over and over again.

Just wondering if there are any thoughts from you on this….or maybe your readers?

– Patrick

Well, shoot, I don’t know anything about this subject. Any HR Tech people out there who can answer this question? Are there any tools on the horizon? Why don’t we have more universal, thoughtful, and standard ways for employees to fill out applications?

Here’s what I want to see.

  • An authenticated profile that is created by a job seeker and stored on a safe and secure system.
  • A tool, such as FacebookConnect, that links a job application system to your authenticated profile.
  • Partnerships between job boards or sites, such as LinkedIn, where you go to a company’s career site but you log into the site and apply for a job using your LinkedIn username and password.

What’s out there? Is someone working on this stuff? Does it already exist? Give me the scoop, people!

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