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From GG.

Hi-a Laurie! I have been wondering about this for a while now and thought your readers might have some insight. Do companies really use their job boards when they select people? I ask because I have spoken to a few people that said they don’t. In fact, one person told me explicitly not to bother with the job posting on their website, as they really only hired from referrals and other more direct sources. So how common a practice is this?

I have had a feeling that all my responses to internal job boards are being sucked into a vast black hole of effort and time. Over the years I can honestly say I have only been contacted by a single company and I have responded to probably more than 100 postings.

On a related note, how else is a candidate supposed to get in touch with the right people?

GG, I know two ways to get hired in this economy. Sleep with someone at the company or ask someone to do you a favor.

I’m not kidding around.

Anyone have any insights on this one?

  • Did you put out?
  • Did you blackmail someone?
  • Did you use a job board?

How were you hired in this murky economy? Admit it — did you do someone a favor and get your job? Did you network like crazy? Did you use Let us know!

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