What It Means: Job Dissatisfaction and The Conference Board Numbers


Everyone has heard that US workers are dissatisfied with their jobs, but I think many analysts are missing the point. It’s not the recession. The survey reflects the overall decline of the employee/employer covenant during the past twenty years.

Listen up, employers.

  • You asked us to accept 3% merit increases.
  • You told us we would have company-sponsored health care.
  • You changed our retirement plans and offered us a new pension that had the potential to earn more money as the stock market did better.
  • You said unions weren’t in our best interests.
  • You said that it was okay to create a knowledge-based economy and move our manufacturing jobs to China and India.

Hmmmm. I wonder why American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs?


I think about the impact of job dissatisfaction in our personal lives…

The job market is like the housing market. Movement is frozen. No one can leave a job because of health care, poor credit, and equity (that may or many not really exist) in their company.

We are stuck and we are dissatisfied.


I wish a corporate leader would write an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal and take on these statistics. I’d like to hear a CEO get on CNBC and respond to these numbers and say, “We hear you. My company bears some responsibility for this mess, and we can do better. Come work for me. Roll up your sleeves, be a part of my team, and help to fix America, fix the economy, and fix the job market at my organization.”

I’d work for that company in a minute. What about you?

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